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 Our contact method is via email, so give it a go here. E-mail is our preferred and only method of contact.

Note -> If you are not receiving replies, please check your spam folder

Did You Know?

Having answered the phone since 1981, we decided years ago that the telephone really consumed a lot of time and that we spent most of the day answering the phone. We were busy saying the same thing over and over. On 12 lines! When the internet came along with websites and such, we quit using the phone and we only handle questions and answers via email. It works!

We found that we could get more done and get orders out faster, have better records of questions and answers and overall we are able to offer far better response and service. And a lot of what one would call to ask about is online. So you won't find a phone number to call Dave or the crew on this website and you need to use the email.

Were sorry if that doesn't work for you and wish you would reconsider if it doesn't. If you think about it, when was the last time you ever called Amazon or eBay to order or ask questions?

We do handle email on a first come first served basis and we really do answer your email. Were pretty prompt about it. We are here Monday - Friday unless it is a holiday and often check emails after hours and weekends/holidays.


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