Sales Venues

Our products and brand items are sold only on our specific websites and venues. There are many that copy our products (and other products and websites as well), make fake websites, listings, offers, etc. Many of these are international concerns and the motive can be to either steal your money or sell you a inferior substitute product. Sometimes a selling party on a auction site will not know the difference between different connectors and brands.

We sell our products and brands (by W5SWL and CoaxParts) on these websites and venues under the following names:

Websites:  - The website you are on now - Our former website - Our former website

eBay -  user name DaveFant
eBay -  user name W5SWL_Electronics
eBay -  user name CoaxParts
eBay -  user name RadioConnectors
eBay -  user name Dipoles
Amazon - user name Dave's Hobby Shop by W5SWL
eBid - user Daves Hobby Shop
Bonanza - user DaveFant
eCrater - user DavesHobbyShop
Walmart Marketplace - W5SWL Electronics

If you find our brands selling by other than the above, you should verify.

73 de W5SWL