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The Most Common Questions Answered Here To Save You Time:

Prices are shown on the item page and the available quantity is shown. It is fast and easy to get a total. Simply add items to the cart and the cart will show this info.

Philmore brand quantities are only available as shown on the item page. We will not have more and we cannot order more. In time we replace the Philmore product with a comparable item.

We do not have stock of replacement parts and pieces for connectors such as RF pins, nuts, washers, etc. Each order is carefully checked when shipped for all parts. They are easy to drop and lose when opening packages. RF pins and small parts can easily hide in the connector body and not be visible from outside the packaging.

We do stock replacement crimp ferrules in the connector section.

Common Hex Die crimp ferrule sizes are shown on the "Coax Cuttings Detail" page. Coax cutting lengths are also shown on this page.

We ask in order to serve you timely and give the best response that you send the question via this contact form instead of asking us to call you. Email allows our team to better serve you and know what we talked about in later exchanges. It works, we promise.

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Our contact method is via email*, so give it a try. E-mail is our preferred and only method of contact.

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