The Website

Welcome to our new website! The website has been merged into our new website allowing us to bring both Dave's Hobby Shop and W5SWL Electronics together. This website is our main company website.


Feb 16, 2023

We have completed our new website, combining our Hobby Shop, Technical Books & Tools, Science Lab and General Surplus along with the W5SWL Electronics products into one new website. 

The website is now migrated to our new platform. You will be able to browse to any of the three:, or and be on the same W5SWL website. The only thing you need to do if you have an account on the old website is to create a new account here as your existing account name and address information will not transfer. Accounts are optional of course, so it is up to you. If you want to create your account, click the little person symbol on the upper right corner and and on the next page use "create account" under the Sign In button in the middle of the page. We are sorry that we cannot simply transfer the personal information. Let us know if you are a tax exempt entity or company that currently is set as tax exempt once you have created the new account and we will configure it for you.

We know you will find the new website much easier and faster to use.

Here is a recap of why we created the new website:

  • The new website has all the existing items from this website as well as many new items. It will be expanded greatly.
  • Our main goal was to bring the Hobby Shop, Technical Books, Tools, Lab and Science Equipment, Surplus and the W5SWL Electronics products into one location. Along with some other features we can't mention quite yet. Our existing website was not capable of this.
  • A new design under the hood for a faster, easier and more trouble free operation and checkout while keeping with the same general design we have. Many of you told us of likes and dislikes of the current website, and we listened and corrected as many of those dislikes as we could.
  • Our current website could not handle all the products we have planned. We will in time be able to put everything on our new website.
  • Quantity discounts on select items
  • The Cart and Checkout have been simplified and made easier, faster and have more payment options including mail in USPS Money Orders and the MoneyGram payment system for those that don't like using Credit Cards online. The cart itself is more trouble free.
  • In time, we will be adding more countries to the checkout so international orders can be processed online.
  • Ability for you to sign up for our Newsletter.
  • Designed with the idea of Simple, meaning Simpler, Faster and Easier.
  • The search tool is much better for locating products and the search output is far easier to use and understand
  • The new website will work well with your Desktop Computer, Tablet or SmartPhone. None of the scrolling side to side on Tablets or SmartPhones that is so very annoying.
  • If you create an optional account on the new website, you will have better record keeping for viewing previous orders, tracking, etc. Existing tax exempt buyers, just contact us once you have created a account on the new website.

ENJOY es 73 !