Craftsman 6mm 6pt 1/4-Drive Shallow Socket (binT167)

Craftsman 6mm 6pt 1/4-Drive Shallow Socket (binT167) - Dave's Hobby Shop by W5SWL

Craftsman 6mm 6pt 1/4-Drive Shallow Socket (binT167)

Our stock # is T167
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Nothing feels like a New or Vintage Experienced Tool ... 


Particularly a Craftsman*

*Quality Made Craftsman That Just Keeps On Going Strong!
**(Did you know ... some new box store and mail order Craftsman today is made in Taiwan, China, India and Vietnam)

  • Craftsman Socket
  • Socket size and points shown in the title

  • If the tool is NEW the title will say it is NEW
  • If USED see the picture and note that the item may have wear including tarnish, scratches, dings, pitting, rust, engraving, dirt, marks and overall usage on internal and external surfaces
  • We will attempt to note anything beyond what we would call normal wear

  • For previously owned tools we will leave the cleaning and polishing to you since for many folks, their tools are a very personal thing

  • W are not experts on age, who made it, etc so please ask if you need clarification on the tool
  • Enjoy!
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