Do sellers of China made connectors know their stuff ?

Originally posted on 31 May 2019 at

To find out, just go to eBay and search for SMB Plug or SMB Jack. Or MCX or MMCX, you get the idea.

On the above most have no idea if it is a Plug or a Jack, and most call them Male and Female along with either Plug or Jack to cover all bases (even we get a little tongue tied on these, but we do know they are different LOL). I guess if you call it everything it has to work, right?

Those are brought to us by the "connector specialist" as one seller called himself, who also sells everything from panty hose to tooth brushes.

We have tested a great many of these China offerings and quite honestly find some of them do "look" nice. However, that is where it ends, the specs (RL, etc) just don't play out, some of those China connectors would be better as a water fitting than a RF fitting. I guess when they are turned out with a lathe to the tune of 1000s per day, meeting specs isn't high on the agenda.

Do Chinese sellers of connectors know their stuff? Some actually do, most don't in our opinion. They are simply after your buck and not your satisfaction.