Should I connect my LMR-600 or hardline directly to my equipment ?

From the FAQ at of 3 August 2018

In a word, no.

The LMR-600 series cable is a very stiff cable. As such it can and will exert a lot of force (torque) onto your equipment connector and equipment in the process. Heating and cooling will also cause the cable to exert force as it expands and contracts.

The end result can result in broken connectors on the cable or worse your equipment connector is broken or your equipment itself is damaged.

The solution is to always use a jumper from the heavier cable to the equipment. The jumper will flex and take up the stress that would be placed on the connectors or equipment.

If you can't stand the additional loss in a jumper and associated connectors, you might need to rethink the system performance and needs a bit.

This would also apply to the transition from line to antenna port.